Most love spells are all about getting you together with a specific person. This one is different. This spell will find you your soulmate. Not only that, it will bring you into direct contact with them, and give your relationship a helping hand in getting started.

The spell is extremely easy to order, just tell us your name and date of birth on the other form. You don’t need to tell us anything about the kind of person you’d like to meet, because experience has shown that very often a true soulmate is nothing like the image you may have built in your head of your ideal person. Being specific could actually divert the spell from your true soulmate!

This spell is cast by Imogen Surtees. Imogen has many years experience casting love spells, and developed the Find Me A Lover spell back in 2002 when she noticed that more people were asking for a spell to find a new lover. Since then she has specialized in casting just this spell, with incredible results. She has drawers full of letters from delighted customers who have written to thank her for changing their lives – for the better. Imogen is a real asset to our group, and we hope her spell will be an asset to you.

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Find Me A Lover Spell Q&A:

Q: What information do you need to cast this spell?
A: Your full name and date of birth.

Q: Don’t you need to know about the kind of person I want to meet?
A: If you have a very specific requirement, then you can of course let us know in the form. However, in most cases it’s better to let the spell find it’s own way. Imogen has found that most people’s idea of their ideal lover or soulmate is not what their heart truly desires. Being too specific can lit the effect of the spell. She has found that it is much better to let the spell find it’s own way; it combines with your own energy and the universe to find – and bring you – someone you will truly connect with on a deep and spiritual level.

Q: What kind of magic is this? Black magic? White magic?
A: All our love spells use a form of very pure white magic. Love spells must by their very nature work in harmony with nature and the universe. They are a positive form of spell, and use only positive energies.

Q: Will the spell cause anyone any harm?
A: No, this spell brings only love and joy to both you and your eventual soulmate.

Q: Can I order this spell to find a new lover / sexual partner?
A: Yes, but be aware that the spell will bring you someone who will become much more than that!

Q: How long will the spell take?
A: Casting the spell takes around a day and a half to two days. How long it takes to see results is harder to predict. Human relations are highly unique, because humans themselves are unique individuals. That means there is no “typical” case, and we cannot give you an accurate estimation of when the spell will manifest. Generally speaking, most people see results between two weeks and two months after the spell is cast.

Q: How will I know the spell has worked?
A: You’ll meet someone, and have a connection. A relationship may take time to develop, but most people find that they just “know” when they meet the person. Sometimes it is somebody you already know, and you see them in a new light.

Q: I’m gay / lesbian, will this spell work for me?
A: Absolutely.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: All our spells are priced at just $47. That makes them among the cheapest on the internet, and yet between us we have the most experience! Our prices simply cover the cost of running our independent organization, this website, and the time our spell casters put into casting your spell.

Q: How can I order?
A: Fill in the order form here:

Order Your Love Spell 

Enter YOUR Full Name & Date of Birth: 


Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: Payments are processed securely by PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account, you can use a regular credit or debit card. If you don’t have one, you can purchase a prepaid card, or perhaps ask a friend to order for you. For your security, we do not accept payment by Western Union or personal cheque, both of which are insecure methods of payment.

Q: What happens after I order?
A: Imogen will contact you via email to let you know when she has started casting your spell – this is usually within 24-48 hours of receiving your order. Once the spell is complete, she will contact you again to let you know.

Q: I have another question, can you help?
A: We’d love to try! Contact us and we’ll get right back to you.